Improvised Weapons found inside a house -Self Defense-

Here is a list of improvsed weapons that you might not have thought of before.

-Aerosol cans: It doesnt really matter what is inside. They could be used for self defense. Spraying someone in the face with hairspary, air freshener, or any other presurised gas is sure to give you a few seconds to get away. They can also be used as impact weapons or be thrown.

-Marbles: If you are running up or down stairs a great thing to leave behind are a few marbles. On stairs you do have to make sure that they dont fall ahead of you, but they are quite easy to place in flights of stairs if you are trying to get away. If you are trying to get away from a crowd of people, throw a few marbles on the ground and run. Of course they dont -always- work on the street since the street is not normaly flat but they can be a quick way to trip up a few people.

-Cleaning Chemicals:
As a last resort you could use some nasty acid or base cleaners. Things like toilet bowl cleaner, drain cleaners, Glas cleaners ect. These are all HORRBILE to get in your eyes or mouth. Beware this is a last resort as there is also a danger to yourself when trying to get this on someone threating you. The reailty is that these dangerous chemicals are in almost every house.

-Christmas Balls: Yes just like in home alone! These things can be used when trying to escape similar to marbles. As a trap like in home alone. Or filled with something and thrown.

Keep an open mind look around

Securing a Safe Shelter As You Make Your Way Out Of the Disaster Zone

Shelter along with water and food is a survival essential. Your bug-out-bag must have the means to construct a shelter or you can carry a shelter such as small nylon tent, ponchos and waterproof tarps. Tents can be awkward and are not suited for quick shelters against a sudden rain shower or simply a way to get out of the sun. However, tents are ideal for extended stays once you have reached a suitable spot to establish a base camp. Tents are not ideal if there is the possibility of intruders because you cannot escape one quickly and your field of view is severely limited inside of a tent.

These shelters can be erected virtually anywhere. Consider your visibility and any likely visitors, before deciding on a shelter location. Only erect a shelter if you feel confident there will not be any foot or vehicle traffic. Otherwise, you can utilize other structures. Avoid drainage ditches or culverts for fear of flash floods. Others can also trap you in culverts or tunnels.


Approach and use abandoned buildings with caution. Others in your situation will have the same ideas. Keep in mind at this point anyone you meet can be an aggressor or a competitor for resources. Always use the ground floor of any building and ensure there are multiple exits. Never build a fire inside of any building for safety reasons and shield your fires outside.


Avoid so-called camps of refuges. Although the majority is likely in a position such as yours there will be camp followers that are thieves or worse. You must practice self-reliance at all times. City parks will likely be full of people with nowhere else to go, many will be there looking for answers or hoping for assistance. Look for carports or abandoned garages, for a quick rest before moving on. The overhead cover protects you from rain or sun.


Pick a spot where you have a wide view of any roads, paths or highways. Make sure if you see someone coming in one direction you have a means to go in the other direction. In other words, do not box yourself in, where there is only one way in or out. Always look for any green spaces when hunting a shelter location. Once you find one look for seclusion and screening from others. If you find a spot that has not be trampled or used by others, you can erect your shelter and build a small fire, if you are hidden from view. If it is obvious, others have used the spot move on, they will have left garbage and feces that can harbor bacteria and diseases and the spot may be known by others.


Avoidance is essential at this point in the crisis. You will want information and association with others. However, keep in mind unless you speak to the authorities anything others tell you will not be facts. The situation is only likely to have worsened and it is important you keep moving away from the crisis center.

“The Colony” Movie Review

I checked out the new movie “The Colony”. I did not have very big expectations after seeing the preview. It is not a horrible film but also not the best ever. To get an idea what it is about check out the trailer:

There is a new ice age and the film hints that it was a man made weather change. “Colonies” are living underground in large bunkers. The colony in the film has to deal with communicable disease, food rations, and internal power struggles among members of the colony. The topics about how the ice age began and how the people made it into the bunkers could have been explained in more detail. What you get is a survival themed movie with plenty of action and a touch of horror. The film also shows the importance of “CQC” Close Quarter Combat, as there is plenty to go around in this story. Even though it is a movie and the fight sequences are of the hollywood type, it does show clearly how someone that really wants to hurt you armed with only a “melee weapon” (knife, stick, axe, machete…) can easily do so if they can just get close to you before you can use your gun. – I will rate it a 7 out of 10 due to the realistic portrail of tough decisions that have to be made by the colony and the large ammount of melee and improvised weapons.

Overlooked Survival gear

The things that you carry with you could be the only things you have if something happens. That is why it is always important to rethink and update your EDC. It is not always possible or practical to carry around a BOB or body armor with an assualt rife.

Laws in your country or state as well as work regulations can limit your EDC even more. Something that works good as a place to store your EDC is an old wallet or organizer. You might think that you can not fit that much stuff in a wallet but you are mistaken. Lets take a look at some of the things that you can fit in an old wallet.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think “wallet” is a “Credit Card Knife”. There are a few different kinds. Some fold to make a small blade or others are more like a swiss army credit card and leave the knife part out pertty much.
These look pertty cool:

The problem is that they just are not stable enough imo to be worthy of the space they take up. There are also these two options:

I like these two better than the first. They have a lot of tools that could be useful. Of course they do leave out the knife part but still not bad for being so small.

The Credit Card knife that is in our opinion the best is the very simple one:

It is just one pertty thick slab of steel with the tools cut out. This thing will hold up to abuse. There are no small piecies that you could lose. Its simple and functional. The blade on the side is sharp enough and could be sharpened. The saw is not that great but could be used. The flathead screwdriver is ok as are some of the other tools. It also has a small hole for you to tie a string or cable to so that you dont lose it.

Another thing that you may not thought of is time.
Yes, it is easy to tell if it is day or night , morning or evening, but if you are in a bad situhation sometimes its good to know if it has been one hour or one minute. It can help to bring you back to reality. That is why its always nice to have a mechanical watch.

Then you dont have to worry about batteries, EMD or any other type of problems that you might have. These things work without batteries 100% mechanical wind up watches. If you dont include it in your EDC then put one in your BOB to help maintain your grasp on reality.

Another thing that you can add to your BOB or home survival collection are alligator clips.

These can be used to quickly repair broken electronic devices. They can be used to test connections. They can also be used to short circuit things. They are lightweight and are easy to use.

4 things that will be worth their weight in gold- trade and barter

1. Sugar
Everybody loves it. It gives you instand energy. It will be something that goes away fast. It is not simple to make. Get a bunch of small packs for trading purposes. Easy to ration, easy to trade or give as a gift. Everybody will want sugar.

Like sugar, almost everyone loves chocolate. It gives you an instant feeling of “ahhh” like a drug. This could be a good moral booster for you and your group. Could also be traded for things that you dont have or used as a gift. Get a pack with lots of small wraped pieces to make rationing and trading easy.

It goes withour saying that alcohol will be worth its weight in gold. Best would be to get those small airplane bottles so that you can trade without problem. This could be used to trade for almost anything! If you are a fan of “bugging in” ,bunkering down and staying home. Then think about getting a brewing kit.

No it wont save your life, but it sure will make life more liveable. You will always have something to trade!

4. Tobacco
Smoking and Drinking it just goes together. Get some bags of loose tobacco and rolling papers. You can then roll your own cigs and trade them for whatever you need. You can also get tobacco seeds and plant a type of wild tobacco.