4 things that will be worth their weight in gold- trade and barter

1. Sugar
Everybody loves it. It gives you instand energy. It will be something that goes away fast. It is not simple to make. Get a bunch of small packs for trading purposes. Easy to ration, easy to trade or give as a gift. Everybody will want sugar.

Like sugar, almost everyone loves chocolate. It gives you an instant feeling of “ahhh” like a drug. This could be a good moral booster for you and your group. Could also be traded for things that you dont have or used as a gift. Get a pack with lots of small wraped pieces to make rationing and trading easy.

It goes withour saying that alcohol will be worth its weight in gold. Best would be to get those small airplane bottles so that you can trade without problem. This could be used to trade for almost anything! If you are a fan of “bugging in” ,bunkering down and staying home. Then think about getting a brewing kit.

No it wont save your life, but it sure will make life more liveable. You will always have something to trade!

4. Tobacco
Smoking and Drinking it just goes together. Get some bags of loose tobacco and rolling papers. You can then roll your own cigs and trade them for whatever you need. You can also get tobacco seeds and plant a type of wild tobacco.