Improvised Weapons found inside a house -Self Defense-

Here is a list of improvsed weapons that you might not have thought of before.

-Aerosol cans: It doesnt really matter what is inside. They could be used for self defense. Spraying someone in the face with hairspary, air freshener, or any other presurised gas is sure to give you a few seconds to get away. They can also be used as impact weapons or be thrown.

-Marbles: If you are running up or down stairs a great thing to leave behind are a few marbles. On stairs you do have to make sure that they dont fall ahead of you, but they are quite easy to place in flights of stairs if you are trying to get away. If you are trying to get away from a crowd of people, throw a few marbles on the ground and run. Of course they dont -always- work on the street since the street is not normaly flat but they can be a quick way to trip up a few people.

-Cleaning Chemicals:
As a last resort you could use some nasty acid or base cleaners. Things like toilet bowl cleaner, drain cleaners, Glas cleaners ect. These are all HORRBILE to get in your eyes or mouth. Beware this is a last resort as there is also a danger to yourself when trying to get this on someone threating you. The reailty is that these dangerous chemicals are in almost every house.

-Christmas Balls: Yes just like in home alone! These things can be used when trying to escape similar to marbles. As a trap like in home alone. Or filled with something and thrown.

Keep an open mind look around