Overlooked Survival gear

The things that you carry with you could be the only things you have if something happens. That is why it is always important to rethink and update your EDC. It is not always possible or practical to carry around a BOB or body armor with an assualt rife.

Laws in your country or state as well as work regulations can limit your EDC even more. Something that works good as a place to store your EDC is an old wallet or organizer. You might think that you can not fit that much stuff in a wallet but you are mistaken. Lets take a look at some of the things that you can fit in an old wallet.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think “wallet” is a “Credit Card Knife”. There are a few different kinds. Some fold to make a small blade or others are more like a swiss army credit card and leave the knife part out pertty much.
These look pertty cool:

The problem is that they just are not stable enough imo to be worthy of the space they take up. There are also these two options:

I like these two better than the first. They have a lot of tools that could be useful. Of course they do leave out the knife part but still not bad for being so small.

The Credit Card knife that is in our opinion the best is the very simple one:

It is just one pertty thick slab of steel with the tools cut out. This thing will hold up to abuse. There are no small piecies that you could lose. Its simple and functional. The blade on the side is sharp enough and could be sharpened. The saw is not that great but could be used. The flathead screwdriver is ok as are some of the other tools. It also has a small hole for you to tie a string or cable to so that you dont lose it.

Another thing that you may not thought of is time.
Yes, it is easy to tell if it is day or night , morning or evening, but if you are in a bad situhation sometimes its good to know if it has been one hour or one minute. It can help to bring you back to reality. That is why its always nice to have a mechanical watch.

Then you dont have to worry about batteries, EMD or any other type of problems that you might have. These things work without batteries 100% mechanical wind up watches. If you dont include it in your EDC then put one in your BOB to help maintain your grasp on reality.

Another thing that you can add to your BOB or home survival collection are alligator clips.

These can be used to quickly repair broken electronic devices. They can be used to test connections. They can also be used to short circuit things. They are lightweight and are easy to use.