Homemade MRE

It is not that hard to make your own “MRE”. The biggest issues can be weight and water supply. Since a lot of “instant” food needs water added you might want to include some kind o fwater tablet to clean water. Also some nice additons are matches,candels and fire starters. How are you going to heat your food ,or boil water to mix with your food? It is also a good idea to just think out loud if that would be enough food for one meal if you are on the go. Include some “snacks” that you can eat without cooking. Any kind of energy bar ,candy bar has a lot of carbs and will keep you going. Nuts and peannut butter also dont need any cooking and have a lot of energy in them. You can even get peanut buter in plastic bottles ,great for a MRE or BOB. Also include some kind of Toleit paper , you cant stay on the move if you have shit your pants.

We have a lot of food that can help get you started preping and save you time: