Self Defense

Lets talk about some of the often overlooked “Slient” weapons, basicly quieter than GUNS. Of course you have your Knife. This is a very important weapon and tool. It can even overcome a handgun when within 10 yards (of course this requires a peson willing to bull rush or “prison rush” someone, but its doable). Not only that ,its quiet, doesnt need reloading, easy to hide. Learn how to use a knife, how to defend against a knife, what a knife can do when in the right hands. These techniquies can carry over to any “shank” like object if you needed to use an improvised weapon like a screwdriver. What was the first weapon that man used? A knife? No way. A Stick, or Club. These blunt objects can do damage. No reloading, look normal, a cane, tree limb or baseball bat all have reach and can be effective against people. At least to demobilize or scare off. Learn how to use stick weapons , they are really everywhere you look so there is no real need to hoard. But a nice one to have a is a telescope club.
Gun vs. Knife / Myths of Knife attacks and self defense with GUNS ,also in SHTF WROL times

Myth 1. I will pull my gun an shoot him.
Shown well here, someone that can bridge the distance well has a good chance of stabbing you ,even if you have a gun.

There are many good examples in the video of how knife attacks really happen, these would most likely transfer over to blunt object attacks such as baseball bats, clubs, shanks ect.

This part of combat is often overlooked in the survivalist culture. Many have a assalut rifle, but what good does that do you when someone charges you from within 10 yards with a knife? Point is that people need to train regularly to get the reflexes to even have a chance against such knife attacks.