“The Colony” Movie Review

I checked out the new movie “The Colony”. I did not have very big expectations after seeing the preview. It is not a horrible film but also not the best ever. To get an idea what it is about check out the trailer:

There is a new ice age and the film hints that it was a man made weather change. “Colonies” are living underground in large bunkers. The colony in the film has to deal with communicable disease, food rations, and internal power struggles among members of the colony. The topics about how the ice age began and how the people made it into the bunkers could have been explained in more detail. What you get is a survival themed movie with plenty of action and a touch of horror. The film also shows the importance of “CQC” Close Quarter Combat, as there is plenty to go around in this story. Even though it is a movie and the fight sequences are of the hollywood type, it does show clearly how someone that really wants to hurt you armed with only a “melee weapon” (knife, stick, axe, machete…) can easily do so if they can just get close to you before you can use your gun. – I will rate it a 7 out of 10 due to the realistic portrail of tough decisions that have to be made by the colony and the large ammount of melee and improvised weapons.